Act Now. Stop Ransomware with SandBlast and Check Point Anti-Ransomware

New ransomware that researchers are calling Petya or Petrwrap is affecting power grids, banks, transportation, and other organizations right now. This ransomware variant encrypts a computer’s entire hard drive instead of locking up single files. Ransomware attacks are entirely avoidable. Prevent this and continuing ransomware attacks from shutting down your organization by deploying SandBlast advanced threat prevention and Anti-Ransomware. Here is why this new ransomware is spreading like wildfire:

  • Over 93% of organizations have not deployed available technologies to prevent ransomware attacks.
  • Uncoordinated point solutions detect attacks after the damage is done.
  • IT fragmented into networks, cloud, and mobility must consolidate cyber security to close entry points for ransomware.

Read the Petya: Ransomware, or Something Worse? whitepaper to learn how ransomware works and how you can stop it.

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